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Located in Pacifica, the jewel of the San Francisco Bay Area - Serving Bay businesses since 1999

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At Bookkeeping Plus+ our common denominators for all the services we provide are Experience and Integrity. We believe in providing the best accounting services: efficiently, professionally and reliably maintained. Always with the client’s best interest as our first priority.

With that as our goal, we offer the following services:

Bookkeeping Services:

  • All GAAP accounting procedures
  • Accounts payable
  • Accounts receivable & collections
  • Account reconciliations
  • Budget & Forecasting
  • Payroll – full service includes reporting, tax payments
  • 1099 Vendor Forms
  • Tax ready financial reports
  • QuickBooks installation, training and support
  • Accounting procedures and controls specific to your business
  • Non-profit accounting  & audits for 990 tax prep
  • Remote access for off-site accounting and businesses outside the Bay Area
  • QuickBooks programs used exclusively
  • Sales Tax Reporting

Business Coaching
Coach with Pat Carroll, trained with Dr. Maria Nemath’s, “You and Money” program. As an experienced and successful small business owner herself, she helps clients navigate through the joys and pitfalls of self-employment and /or owning your own small business.

Ideal for start up companies:
 **Give your new business the ‘edge’ by working with an experienced entrepreneur, turned business owner; learning the value of accounting and organization, set basic, attainable goals**

Desire to bring your business to the next level:
**Meet wherever your business is with support and set attainable goals for where you want to excel – tailored specifically to your business and your vision**

Coaching packages available.

I focus on the ‘yes, and’ style of coaching. First we say ‘yes’ to a problem or challenge. We use perspective shifts to bring forth the creative answer waiting to be heard and acknowledged. We make change happen, always embracing yes!

“Being a business owner has brought up many personal issues that needed to be resolved for me to thrive and be successful. Coaching has been the way it’s worked for me. I am a better employer, person, and accountant because of coaching received -and used.” ~Pat

Business Consulting
Meet with Pat once or on an ongoing basis as needed.  Using her as a business partner will enhance meetings, challenges, and bring forth a new perspective based on her years of experience.

 Some ways to help your business may be:

  • Meet with client & CPA to help understand where business stands
  • Help to train, interpret financial statements
  • How to use financial statements to tell the company’s story
  • How to set up budget & implement
  • Monthly reviews

Set up appointments to include Pat in:

  • Meeting with CPA
  • Meeting with financial planner
  • Insurance Brokers
  • Board of Directors
  • Upper Management

Financial Planning
Each of our individual and business clients has unique needs. Our primary role is to understand your situation, then provide you with the information, advice, and solutions you need to make the best possible decisions about your financial future. As our financial team works with you, we will focus on your needs and goals. After analyzing your situation, our financial advisors develop a range of planning strategies for you to consider. Where appropriate, these specialized strategies can include a variety of both insurance and investment recommendations. Once you decide on a direction, we will collaborate with your other advisors to implement your plan to ensure any gaps in planning and identify potential missed opportunities in a coordinated effort that benefits you.

We work closely with Mike McCormack as our Financial Planning Partner, and will introduce you and set up the initial appointment with him.
This is another way that we can work as our client’s Business Partner/ Consultant.